what is media in wordpress?

Media is a tab in your WordPress admin sidebar.The Media Library is where you can manage your images, audio, videos, and documents all in one place.

Under the Media menu, there are two screens.



The first screen Library lists all the files in the media library. These files can be edited and deleted from the library.You can upload documents such as PDF files, graphic images, audio files, and video files.Any media uploaded in the past – including those from posts and pages – will be available here and can be used in any future posts or pages.To choose how to view your media, navigate to the bar at the top of the display box. Pick between a grid or list display. You can also sort it all by type or date.In the grid display, clicking a file will display a preview and information about it. Use the arrows at the top to navigate through your different files.
You can click on the picture and navigate down to the bottom right corner of its display to Delete Permanently.  Click Bulk Select in the main Media Library menu. Select the items you want to get rid of,then hit Delete Selected to delete your items in bulk.If the file you view is an image, there will be an Edit Imagebutton located under the picture. This will take you to the image editor

Add New

The second screen is Add New, which allows users to upload files. Remember users can also upload media (images, videos, etc) while writing a post or page. However, the Add New link under allows users to upload files without attaching them to a specific post or page.

Add New

WordPress  offers a simple drag-and-drop Media Uploader with multi -file select.

You can ‘Upload New Media’ by dropping a file where it says ‘Drop Files Here’. Clicking ‘Select Files’ opens a desktop file browser for searching and uploading files from your computer. When a file is added a progress bar will appear. When the upload is complete a link to access the media editor will appear letting you know your files are ready for use.